Easter Tradditions

Easter Tradditions

Easter is often an overlooked holiday, the lesser compared to Christmas Celebrations, but actually one of such promise of fresh starts and new purpose.  From spring cleaning to the more traditional eggs hunts and roast lamb, this holiday is actually a wonderful time to slow down and honour tradition... or start some new ones. Here are some of my favourite traditions from around the world.

Put on a Costume
In Sweden, children dress up as Easter witches and wear old clothes. Similar to our Halloween, the kids walk around their neighborhoods but they trade their artwork for candy.

Make a Fire
In areas of Northwestern Europe, natives light large bonfires called Easter Fires on Easter Sunday and Monday. They began as a way to chase the winter away — but now they bring communities together.

Fly a Kite
In Bermuda, people fly homemade kites on Good Friday. Legend has it, the tradition started when a local teacher had trouble explaining Jesus’s ressurection to his Sunday school class. So, he made a kite to explain the concept.

Sunday Best Easter tradition in America is the donning of the Easter bonnet. This fancy hat became a popular addition to Sunday church attire because of how it represents a commitment to renewal when paired with new Easter clothes.These head coverings are loosely tied with the end of Lent,  which is when they would be purchased assumably after a period of frugal financing where such luxuries were typically not purchased.

Our Family tradition is an Easter basket on Sunday morning with new pyjama's, followed by the all important egg hunt. How do you celebrate Easter?

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