Hori Hori Guide

Hori Hori Guide

As many of you know, at Iris and Olive, we research and test all our products ourselves before stocking them and recommending them to you. There is nothing better than helping you pick something special, especially when we love something as much as you do. So it is no surprise that our current best seller is a personal favourite, our Hori Hori weeding tool

So for those that haven't discovered this genius gardening tool we thought we would put together this little guide, to help you get better acquainted. "Hori" is Japanese for "to dig" and  “hori hori” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound that digging makes. It is often referred to as a "Soil knife or Weeding knife" but to us it is the must have multi use garden tool. 

  • Dig - The Hori Hori is really useful when planting bulbs and bedding plants. No requirement to constantly swap tools simply use the Hori Hori to dig a hole big enough for whatever you are planting, pop it in and recover. Then just water and you are done. Simple!! It is also perfect for digging drills. As the blade is concave it will leave a clean and excavated drill just by placing the point into the cultivated soil and drag. Perfect for those nice straight rows of lettuce, peas or other root crops.
  • Weeding - The Hori Hori is a no nonsense, easy to use weeding tool. After trying various other tools that are said to take the strain out of weeding, this is the tool that delivers.  Simply push the Hori Hori in at a slight angle to the offending weed and twist and like magic out pops the weed, along with the root.
  •   Cutting - The blade of the Hori Hori is sharp enough to cut open bags of compost, cut twine (we recommend our ever popular Bishop twine if you use a lot) or to take delicate cuttings ready for replanting.

This tool is the perfect gift for a beginner or a serious gardner. It saves precious time and effort and by having the holster attached it is always at hand for any annoying weeds or quick touch ups to boarders or pots. We also sell a wide range of tools to help keep your Hori Hori in tip top shape, including Sharpening stones, Camelia oil and Crean mate.

Once you have tried the Hori Hori, you will never go back and if looked after correctly, it will last a lifetime.

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