Mother's Day Gift Inspo - Homemade Spa

Mother's Day Gift Inspo - Homemade Spa

We all know mums are always there, literally pulling off 24/7 shifts. So what do they really need? A bit of time to themselves to just unwind and relax and our homemade spa proposal is just the way to do it.

Iris and Olive Bath and Body Collection
Soaking in the bath is the first step. To make that experience as exceptional and as relaxing as possible for your mum explore our bubble baths, oils and salts in Bath & Body collection.

If your mum would like to read a book or magazine while in the bath make sure that there's enough light in the bathroom, as well as a bit of ambience by placing several scented candles around the room. 

Take a look at our collection of candles and diffusers and choose the smell that your mum would love.

Once the bath is done, treat your mum with some lovely body cream or oil:

Vetiver and Lavander, Mandarin and Ginger, Facial Oil or Dry Body Oil.



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