Slow Living

Slow Living

As we move into the cosy period, when the nights draw in sooner, we try to listen to our bodies and slow down. Nothing marks the changing of the seasons like more cups of tea, cosy blankets and lighting candles.

The Botanical Candle Company have just released their ever popular Winter Light Collection. The idea being that there is a different candles for different times of the day, the scents compliment and encourage ritual. First Light is a refreshing blend of eucalyptus and myrtle, a wonderful scent that both wakes and calms the senses. Then as the day goes on Half Light is a perfect accompaniment to midday. A nostalgic blend of citrus and spice, this clementine and clove blend will see you through the day. Then as the evening draws around you, lighting Last Light will envelop you in a rich, spicy warmth of cinnamon and rosemary. When Poppy was young and I was struggling through the throws of new parenthood, lighting these candles was a very grounding experience, something I desperately needed at the time. 

Cosy down with bed socks and blankets. Layering up is a perfect way to fight the cold (and the heating bills) and these beautiful essentials not only make lovely treats for yourself, they also make wonderful thoughtful gifts. If you know someone who needs a cosy treat, get in touch with us and we can bundle together a beautiful selection for sending direct to the recipient. 


Our newest addition to the Iris and Olive family is Fenland. All of the products from fenland are a by-product of the meat industry that would otherwise be considered waste. They utilise these sheepskins and repurpose it into beautiful cosy items. Our top pick are these sumptuous teddy hot water bottles, tried tested and Poppy approved. 

Slowing down and living a considered and intentional life during this season is not just self care, it's a crucial shift needed to survive a manic and ever changing landscape. However you plan to celebrate the changing of the seasons we have wonderful suggestions at the ready and would love to hear yours too. But above all take time for ritual and rest.
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