Spotlight on - Alex Monroe Jewellery

Spotlight on - Alex Monroe Jewellery

At Iris and Olive we constantly strive to bring you beautiful and thoughtful gifts. That is why we were so delighted to start stocking Alex Monroe Jewellery. This wonderful jewellery company, that we have so long admired, has brought such joy to our shop. 

Alex Monroe Jewellery is inspired by nature and nostalgia and is designed and Handmade in England by Alex and his expert jewellers. His ranges have beautiful themes and stories, we stock a wonderfully varied range from the Classic Bee Necklace to the whimsical 'Gather a dream' collection. 

Stowaway mouse

A dormouse has stowed away on a magical adventure in this whimsical charm necklace, featuring a radiant blue topaz charm from the ' Gather a Dream' Collection

Alex has always been mindful of the impact of his work and the jewellery industry as a whole, on the environment and its people. The brand has always been committed to making jewellery in England. This currently takes place in two purpose-built London workshops, working alongside long term and trusted making partners in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. Making in England allows for a shorter supply chain, reduced carbon footprint, tight quality control, and fix and reuse materials that would otherwise be scrapped. Whilst simultaneously ensuring the ethical treatment of jewellers and makers - a particularly problematic aspect of jewellery production overseas. It also enables the company to support fellow small businesses within the industry, keeping the craft of traditional jewellery making alive.

All of these beautiful pieces not only make wonderful gifts but tell a story too. Did you know the iconic Bumblebee necklace was made by Alex made after his daughter’s best efforts to save an ailing bee failed. Preserved in a matchbox, Alex challenged himself to recreate this beautiful creature in silver. This is just one example of these thoughtful pieces, that are perfect for immortalising wonderful life moments and milestones.

The iconic and original bumblebee necklace

Discover these beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets handcrafted from Sterling Silver and 22ct Gold Plate in store and online now.

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