Spotlight on - Bacanha

Spotlight on - Bacanha

After a year of stocking this beautiful and versatile gift we thought it was about time we shared a bot more about it with you.  Last year, Bacanha syrup featured on The Times best gift list and has been a firm favourite in the shop ever since. Not only are the flavours and uses delicious and never ending, but the stylish packing make it the perfect hostess gift. 

Sustainability is key to Bacanha, who source their raw cane sugar from Native's organic sugar cane cooperative in Brazil. Harvesting at Native is done in a sustainable way in compliance with social and environmental standards, in particular with strong measures to protect local biodiversity.

The next step is to handcraft the syrup in France. Made in Grasse with partners who create their recipes using the finest infusions and aromas. Rigorous work is done to bring a perfect taste with natural raw materials: fruits, plants, herbs, spices.

The end product is a wonderful, versatile raw syrup that can be simply mixed with water, or in cocktails, with coffee or tea, and even in baking. 1 bottle is roughly equal 20 drinks and the range offers a wonderful variety. 

Visit their website for some wonderful ideas on how to use their syrups.

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