Spotlight on - Pelegrims Skin Care

Spotlight on - Pelegrims Skin Care

At Iris and Olive we are always keen to expand our self care ranges.  When we came across Pelegrims, we knew we had found something very special. Not only does it tick the boxes of a premium feel, wonderful product and eco-credentials... it also has a wonderful back story. 

Pelegrims is the brainchild of natural formulator, Alex Verier and Jerome Moisan. Alex says, “Our intention is to formulate low intervention, active skincare formulations that work in harmony with the skin supporting it to heal and rejuvenate itself. Sustainability is hugely important to us, so using waste products from the wine making process and harnessing the powerful grape extracts are at the core of our brand and our future research. We’re looking forward to documenting our product journey in the years ahead”.

From Westwell Wines, in the south downs, these luxury formulations have been made with extracts from by-products (grape skins, seeds and vines) of the wine-making process.  Alongside grape extracts a variety of ingredients are used that boost the capabilities of the extracts to make potent formulations that act quickly to do you good. None of these products are tested on animals, and are made ethically, in small batches.

This range is perfect for men and women, and has recently featured in GQ as best men's moisturiser. If we have your interest why not pop into the store and see what all the fuss it about?



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