The Magic of Make Believe

The Magic of Make Believe

Do you remember your favourite dress up as a child? For me it was a pale blue Tutu. I wore it time and time again, it appears in so many of my childhood photos, and I even had a spare red one for any unsuspecting play date.  Now having a two year old means I can watch her eyes light up as she changes characters in a swirl of velvet and tulle. 

There is something magical about an outfit that reinforces the pretend, that makes the dragons real or the princess something that everyone can see. From the simple addition of this doctors kit, a child suddenly has prompts and tools in the world of make believe. And with role play being such an important part of learning through play, these tools can help children prolong play, and explore more avenues and scenarios in their theatre. 


We are so proud of the wide range of dress ups and accessories we offer, the quality of which will last through siblings and cousins, special occasions and rainy day concerts at home.  Meri Meri make a wonderful range of ready made outfits to themes such as owls, pirates and witches. Just add a matching book for world book day to get ahead of the last minute panic! 


Another of our beautiful suppliers, Fable Heart, make heirloom pieces to add to the everyday. From crowns, circus jackets and capes, these beautiful piece are perfect to make the everyday special. 



Because at the end of the day there is nothing more magic than make believe?

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